Tips for Choosing Ceiling Lamps

The pendants are one of the decorative elements almost indispensable in our home. While recessed lights are becoming more common in light, charm and the versatility of a hanging lamp , combined with the variety of designs available, makes it one of the preferred choices when choosing our home decorative lighting .

lamp for diningroom

It would appear to choose a ceiling lamp is very simple, but not so much. DecoActual So today we brought some keys to choose the perfect chandelier.

new shap for lamp

First we consider the decorative style of the room and the space in which it is installed. We can not choose the same lamp for a kitchen that for a child’s bedroom , or be like the lamps in a minimalist decor in a baroque style.

modern lamp

Next, it is necessary to consider the ratio between the size of the lamp and the place to be located. If it is a small lamp is always the option of not putting it in a central location or to choose 2 or 3 small lamps placed at different heights or levels, or online.The latter is a popular choice for dining tables in both dining rooms and kitchens.

different shaped lamp

If the lamp is great keep in mind that will not break the line of sight or becomes excessively low blows risk involved. We must bear in mind that for the ceiling lamp becomes balanced, should complement the space, but not visually or physically occupy.


With these little guidelines and keeping in mind the end result, surely the choice of your lamps ceiling is a complete success.

white lamp