Tips for decorating walls with textures

Textures are an element that makes our walls a decorative object, creating contrasts of materials, and even lights and shadows, while a method is very simple and decorative at all expensive. In fact, many times the rooms with plain walls and all in the same color give a feeling of boredom and seriousness. But just one wall with a different finish to highlight the whole more. So today we bring you some examples and tips for decorating the walls with textures and shed some informality, movement and contrast in each of the rooms in your home.

Consider the room to decorate the walls
We must always keep in mind the style of decoration with which we have to redecorate the room, and it depends a lot on the type of texture you can apply. We must think of the colors, the type of material and even sobriety or excessiveness of the type of texture or decorative patterns to choose.
If you use textures to decorate the walls of the living room of the home, one should always understated texture that we could use in a beach house , or a vacation home. Even if the house decor is rustic perhaps just remove the plaster to the wall and leave the exposed brick you achieve a completely different space.

Types textures
There are very distinct and strong textures and others less so, but both may be the best option for our home. Of course it all depends on the feeling you want to create in the room. For example, if the wall is the bedroom and it is for a teenager, then we can play with textures strong and well marked, as well as to decorate the walls of the corridors . But, if we give it a more relaxing to our bedroom , then I recommend that we evaluate placing a simple texture and light colors.

Combining textures with other elements
Another important issue to consider is that we can decorate the walls in combination with other decorative elements of our house, as the decoration of the ceilings , furniture and even colors of pillows and bedding. The pattern or texture you generate on your wall to be repeated elsewhere.

For example, if our wall had roughness and color burlap cloth, then put some pillows with this type of fabric will be something that will combine the room decor. So if rounded shapes or circles. We can play and match, the important thing is that this pattern is repeated in some other element.
I think decorating walls with textures is an excellent idea to renovate the home, and is ideal for use decorative panels . They come in various types and textures such as faux stone panels . What do you think? Cheer up!