Tips for decorating with bold colors

The color, whether much or little, is a powerful tool in decorating our home. The impact it has color in our decor, especially if we talk about intense, saturated colors, not so much about the amount we use if not the way we introduce and combine with other colors … but that’s where many of us “we panicked” and not knowing what to do we stay in a beige world, wishing to live surrounded by light and color.


If you would like to add more color to your world read that we help:
Start small:
If you miss a colorful but you dare not take a big step test space still anchoring the space with neutral colors and add a few colorful details. A tip from the experts is that you add color with features you can easily change and you prefer neutral colors for things that do not change as often as the floor or the couch.
And as they say a picture says a thousand words, here we leave you with a few pictures that give you ideas for integrating small color details:


Painting is the best way to add color:
! Course! Paint is inexpensive, easy to apply and goes a long way in terms of impact on the decor. For colors look really pure and intense we recommend the new HD Lanco colors. Remember that painting is not limited to the walls: as we show you can apply paint on furniture, on the ceiling, on the inside of the drawers and shelves … finally! you have plenty of areas on which you can try an explosion of color.


The more you use the more confidence you will have:
Many people are afraid of color because they fail to display it in space, but I speak from experience: once you invite a color to your home others will want to join him!


Accessories are the “icing on the cake” of any decorative set. It seeks to integrate the colors with cushions, fabrics, ornaments and art.