Tips for decorating your home with the styles that are most successful minimalist, vintage and Nordic

countless times of minimalist style, vintage, and Nordic. In fact, there are three styles of decoration of the Home most popular in recent times. In today’s post we are going to differentiate between them and to analyse the peculiarities of each of them, as well as the different tips that you must follow if you want to decorate your home with any one of them. To do this, we will have the help of our friends at Dasler, dedicated to the rental of all types of material of different styles of decoration.

minimalist-style decoration

Whether you’re thinking in
completely change the decoration of your home, give a distinct touch and renewed or if you are going to start from scratch to furnish and decorate your new home
be clear, first of all, which is the style that suits to your personality and your tastes. To make it easy, we are going to address the features that have become popular to each of these styles of decoration.

Minimalist style
Simplicity is the motto in this style emerged in the 1960s in New York. The white color and its different shades is the protagonist in the minimalist spaces to get more spaciousness and serenity.
If you want a bright home, spacious and simple you can go for the minimalist style. Follow these tips to achieve the desired effect; a comfortable, bright, spacious, comfortable and clean home:

1 it is used furniture and simple decorative items. In this style of decoration, we will avoid all sorts of idle objects that diverts attention from the rest of the decor.
2. the white and its different shades must master in the entire stay, can combine with touches of color in accessories or accessories such as cushions, rugs, etc.
3.-Use the most natural light to give a greater feeling of spaciousness and comfort, combined with a functional and minimalist artificial lighting system.
4 always use straight and simple lines in your furniture, never curved.
5 you must always keep this tendency and avoid having objects of through, because that would break the minimalist aesthetic that we have tried to implement in our home.

most popular and that adding more fans around the world is the style vintage or retro. As his own name suggests, this peculiar style aims to recreate the spaces of the years 50, 60, 70 and even 80, combining furniture and objects that take us to past.
The wood is, without doubt, the material star of this style of decoration, combined with other materials as the glass. This style allows total creativity and freedom at the time of combine colors, upholstery, furniture and objects. It even allows to toggle articles from different epochs, from objects and characteristic austere furniture
the Decade of the 50s to the more showy and colorful, belonging to the style pop and hippie of the 60s and 70s.
If you have already opted you for this popular style of decoration and want to transform your home with touches vintage can follow the following Tips to achieve an original and unique decor:

vintage-style decoration

1.-You can go for a role Tapestry to achieve this retro look in your home.
2. do not abuse furniture and vintage objects to not finish creating an ornate space. The vintage touch should be subtle and call the attention to the rest of the simply decorated and in light colours.
3 you can combine objects and furniture of different decades to give an original touch to your home.
4 you can find inspiration in journals or blogs We specialize in this style so popular in recent years.
5. keep the same range of colors in all the decoration.

Nordic or Scandinavian style
It is undoubtedly one of the styles decoration that has gained in strength in recent years. As your own name indicates, this style reminiscent of homes and houses of the
North of Europe, which seeks to comfort, simplicity and, above all, the warmth of the home against the harsh weather conditions of the countries
Nordic. If you want to make your home in a warm, luminous and cosy space can go for this style.


For this reason, we recommend that you follow the following tips:

1 natural elements such as wood, used for furniture and decoration of your home. In addition, you can resort to all kinds of plants and flowers in your home to give you an even more natural touch.
2 use simple furniture, straight lines and neutral tones.
3 put the touch of color to your home in the apparel and accessories. You can also use pictures and picture frames that contrast with the white tones of the walls.
4. the natural light should be very present in a Nordic-style home. In the same way, we must have a powerful system of artificial lighting.
5.-In the Nordic style, where it aims to achieve the warmth of home, textiles of all kinds are very present, whether blankets, carpets, curtains, etc.

As you have seen, there are styles to suit all tastes and personalities. Only you must find which suits you and your home and follow these tips to make you the most. With what style you stay you? To me, personally, I love these three.