Tips for filling your living room color

Although this year the good temperatures just do not seem to get at all, the truth is that the spring appeared in our way several weeks ago, altering our blood, and dot summer is arriving, filling everything with light and color. Why not fill our home with these two premises?


No doubt, most will stay the summer will reflect the room, as it is the place where we spend more time either in solitude reading a book or watching television, and in the company of family and friends. To achieve this, we recommend you fill this room colors, that will put a very happy and fun note facing the nice weather. We give you a few tips to help you achieve a room full of color.


For a colorful living economically, your greatest allies are the textiles. The cushions, curtains or carpets summer, among others, fill color stay without investing large amounts of money.


Another inexpensive way to add color to your living room is painting the walls without fear of contrasts. Choose a shade that gives joy and life to the room and, if you dare to use it throughout the room, use it only on your favorite wall. Of course, the vinyl will also help to highlight areas. Also, when you get tired you can replace it.


Finally, do not forget to put in strategic details like side tables, rest poufs, tables and picture frames or small decorative ornaments. Also, keep in mind that the geometrical psychedelic seventies is back in fashion, so it will be welcome both on walls and textiles.

So what are you waiting for color filling your living room?





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