Tips for keeping floors clean

Perhaps it is a universal law that everyone, whether our son, or a visit to the dog, they crossed the floor happens just when you clean or even just what are you doing? Insurance is one of the unexplained questions of life, but after a legitimate anger at you, maybe help you prove these tips to keep floors clean .

Ten floor cloth on hand
Anna Moseley tells us in place of advice when it comes to keeping floors clean she is very efficient to have a lot of floor cloths always available, to use a different one each day and use it to clean in just seconds any stain , spill or mark that may affect the surface of our floors . This will save you having to do major cleaning every few days, and the fact of having so many cloths allow each of them to last much longer in good condition.

Prohíbele dust entry
Constantly people are entering and exiting your home, and each of these new particles travel brings dust and dirt that will eventually stay on your floor and furniture. So a good way to keep the floors clean is to prevent this dirt from our house.

How? Well with the placement of a carpet , for though this will seem an obvious solution, keep in mind that many times we put carpet in the entrance of the home are typical doormats few square centimeters and the iconic “Welcome” engraved on surface. Instead, opt for a more absorbent texture mat and as wide as possible, without compromising the decor of the house, of course.

Flats less prone to dirt
This point is ideal to have it in mind when designing our new home, or remodel we already have, as something that greatly influences the degree of contamination of the soil is its structure and composition. The floors of porous or rough textures are significantly more likely to accumulate dust and present greater difficulty to clean the floors. Instead, tile floors   or clean polished surfaces allow very fast with just a scrub with a cloth.

Arrange furniture correctly
The agglomeration of objects and producing corners and small spaces everywhere is the best scenario for the accumulation of dust . Therefore, maintaining a well-ordered room, preferably with furniture which bear some clearance between the floor and the base, will reduce the accumulation of dust particles and facilitate the cleaning of the floor, either to wash as to suck.

Remove any stains immediately
Did you enter your child’s garden with muddy shoes, accidentally tipped over a little sauce, or your living room was invaded by a pack of friends? Well if you want to save a lot of work, it is best to try to remove any stains caused by these situations occur when, otherwise, you may, but is reduced, the stain remains overshadowing long cleaning the floors.

And when mopping
Mop or wash the floor is not the heaviest tasks within the household cleaning (unless you own meters and square meters of floor). Then, with a simple mop (never wet) will be enough to keep the floors clean continuously.

And if you wonder at what point we use cleaning products , I would say in the least possible, because eventually these chemicals can damage the floor of your house, it being sufficient to obtain a bright soil microbes and without the addition of a little vinegar to the water, and even some essence to mask their scent.

And remember that making small daily cleanings you avoid having to dedicate an entire hard day of scrubbing and cleaning a week for a few floors clean and spotless.