Tips for matching curtains

By now you’ve probably guess already realized how important the curtains in home decoration, right? And they are great allies to multiply the meters and gain clarity in the rooms, in addition to the desired decorative touch.


Logically, we must be very careful with the choice of these important elements in the home, as both the fabric as the placement and color of the curtains influences the final result of the decor of any room. So today in Decorablog we will give you a few tips for you hit with your choice. Are you ready? Well here we go!

Depending on the light
The first thing to keep in mind when choosing curtains is if you have little or too much sun. If you receive little natural light, you should choose fabrics light and clear, while if you have too much light, you can opt for curtains thick , double curtains or blinds screen. Also, you should know that the muslins, voiles and organza integrate the views inside thanks to its movement and airiness.


On the other hand, if it is north-facing windows, it is best to use curtains with colors warm and light crudes to multiply and add warmth.

Decorative Effect
To provide a decorative plus to stay, you can opt for silk wild , they manage to create effects and reflections, thick organza or linen, that put a natural touch.

Plain or printed
As for the prints, you should know that are heavier visually. Therefore, nowadays the most used plain fabrics, allowing playing with textures and less tired. If however you go for prints, seeks reasons that are small and matching wall.

Large windows
Furthermore, we recommend you do not skimp on fabric windows. The curtains of this type of windows can not be short nor scarce in width. In fact, to run it must make folds and not be stretched.