Tips for outdoor grill

The cool summer breeze awakens the desire for open air and conviviality. What better opportunity to prepare a mouthwatering barbecue in the garden? It is synonymous with nature, comfort and relaxation the barbecue, which brings together family and friends to taste flavors. A coal or gas, the new models are equipped with many accessories that allow us today to recreate a true outdoor kitchen.

built-in_lifestyle outdoor grill

Halls offers, with the model Faro, a barbecue which is characterized by a rigorous design and minimal, with inserts in brick finish, and a comfortable surface in marble grit brushed effect in gray tint. From the functional point of view, Faro facilitates cooking operations, thanks to a rear-loading of the wood which allows for fillers consisting, for an extra large grid allows to increase the quantity and thereby reduce the cooking time and to a hearth with brazier side for the continuous production of embers allows complete use of the grill, facilitation cooking operations.

The high quality and long life led hearth with reinforced double wall with air space to optimize rear ventilation, the system fast-fire-box, an ash tray with forced air circulation, improves combustion and facilitates cleaning fire extinguished, in the hood in stainless steel.

Gas barbecue

On the Italian market for over 18 years, The Lords of Barbecue propose a gas barbecue entirely designed and built in Italy. The barbecue grills in Concert allows us to express the energy of flavors, as well as music describes the inner emotions and the power of nature. A concert for harmony and creativity, ensuring precious virtuosity of cooking: music in the kitchen for a barbecue by applause. The barbecue Concert presents the heat throughout the possible range of its intensity, accelerates and slows down due to technological innovation, in a range of colors and fragrances cheerful to prepare the barbecue interpretation of taste, slowly for a slow cooker big and tasty slices of meat or fish and lively for the traditional barbecue to high heat.

Grilling on the terrace
Coleman and Pininfarina, two historical brands, the world’s leading in the field of outdoor and design. From their collaboration comes a new generation of BBQ intended to modify the concept of leisure and outdoor life. High-end product, intended for an audience informed, demanding and attentive to detail, Diamento is destined to conquer an important role in the gardens and open spaces more elegant. Coleman’s ambition is to offer an innovative line of BBQ able to fit in a harmonious and elegant gardens and terraces: for this Diamento was produced in three colors (red, black and blue) can meet all the tastes of those who enjoy outdoor barbecues.

The excellence, in terms of performance, it is proved by the fact that it is the only one able to use all the methods of heat transfer for maximum freedom of cooking outdoors: conventional, run, and infrared. The tools to prepare lunches and dinners are really memorable 4 burners, 2 grids, 2 cast iron porcelain plates and 1 grid built … in short, a true outdoor kitchen! To this we add the oven to make pizza or keep food warm ready, and 2 electric rotisserie, which allow you to cook up to 4 chickens at the same time. Diamento also has a series of accessories that can be mounted on both sides of the BBQ with ease and accuracy: the fryer, the shelf with the cutting board and the multipurpose tray, but also the side burner and the plate, ending with the grid in cast iron and the comfortable cloth cover BBQ.