Tips for painting a small room

The choice of paint is crucial when we want to decorate any room in our home. So before you get down to work, consider important aspects such as furniture, curtains and the entire atmosphere in this room.Consult your DIY store different chromatic proposals, until you find the tone that best dress up your room. And do not forget that the right choice of colors help us a small room appear larger. While a bad combination can make our stay seem much smaller and sad.


When our home is small, almost everything we complicated when decorating, especially the furniture needed to find space and to find the right colors that will go on the walls, of course, but that goes against our tastes. So, thinking about those who have a small room , we advise you how to paint .

Monochromatic walls and warm colors

For small rooms it is recommended to choose, as is logical, clear and cool colors that provide plenty of light and help to achieve greater visual depth. In this sense, do not forget to note that the small rooms should be painted in a single color, as the mixture of various shades can make your stay even smaller. So committed to a monochromatic room. At the same time, paint our room with a single color will help to highlight the furniture and objects in the room. And if your room is too little light, I recommend always avoid colors like blue and violet.

Best little furniture
From Bricomanias also we recommend leather furniture and warm wood walls, facing ceramic and glass furniture that blend perfectly with the cool colors.What other tricks do you know who can help us decorate a small room? Share with us your suggestions and do not forget either that in confined spaces, the less furniture you use, the better. You’ll save money and also gain space.

Depending on the colors you choose for the walls of your room, you can look bigger , will be happier, or just be a space with colors that will help improve your mood. That and more, color is an important element in your decor, not just from the aesthetic, but also from the sensory.

Before choosing a shade or another, keep in mind that warm, dark colors absorb light, thereby decreasing the space visually, while the cool colors and tones give greater visual depth , but we must not paint all in cool colors, so then we’ll give you some tips to paint the walls of your room:

Locate the orientation of your room , as the rooms facing north look best in warm and bright colors, while to the south are exposed well with fresh and natural tones. Also, the rooms facing east van with gray tones, warm pastel colors and looking west are ideal for cool colors.
If you chose the color for your room, make first test on white paper and put it in the wall to see how it changes with daylight or under artificial light.
Paint the room in a single tone if you want to enhance the furniture and decorative objects they contain.

If the room is dimly lit or does not get enough sun, choose light colors, but avoid the blue and violet to give the impression of coldness.
Remember that the color of the walls has a direct link with the style of furniture for your living room, even with their material. Use warm for furniture in leather and wood, and cold for metal, glass and ceramics.
The warm colors stimulate, cheer and generate feeling of closeness, but not recommended for nervous people.
The cool colors are calming colors, so help you fall asleep, but against generate sense of distance and can cause melancholy.

The painting is the most versatile of the decor of your room, it’s cheap, can be easily changed, and with it also changes the look of the room. We also recommend that before painting you wonder how much you like the color you’re using, and if you’re not sure about it, avoid it.
We hope you have been useful these tips , good luck with your choice!


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