Tips to achieving Zen House

Want to make your home a haven of peace? Need away the stress and chaos of your space? Here’s the solution: we offer 10 keys to get a home zen, calm, balanced and stress-free decorative.A zen space is orderly, harmonious, minimalist. It dominates the clean lines, simple designs and essential. Pay attention to the following guidelines and get to create in your home a Zen atmosphere.

Colors and natural textiles
1. Betting on serene colors. Y’know earth tones, the beige, white and gray, that evoke tranquility. Flee looking garish colors and color harmony between the different surfaces of the space.

Two. A soft ground beneath your feet. Parquet wood flooring or light colored dresses with colored wool carpet-like soil. The key? The naturalness and comfort.

Three. Choose natural textiles, always: wool, linen, cotton, etc..

Simplicity and order are fundamental
April. Opting for simple furniture. Zen style is characterized by simple, clean lines, and the absence of ornamentation.

May. Ornaments, minimal. Limit paintings and photographs to a minimum, as well as decorative pieces.

June. Soft lighting. It is essential to create a relaxing atmosphere. Replaces the cold light of fluorescent warmer than other lamps emit a light dimmer, and plays with indirect lighting.

July. Rooms with soft aromas. It permeates your space with fresh fragrance of scented candles from soy or beeswax, and essential oils.

August. Toggle eliminates any possible jamming, such as some electronic devices. The TV is one of them, if you can hide it.

9. Put plants at home. Their greens have a calming effect. Avoids that are difficult to maintain and which give off aromas strong. The decor zen bet on many occasions by Bonsai.

10. Kill the clutter. Remove all unnecessary items from your home, leaving only the essentials, yes, without sacrificing comfort.