Tips to Decorate Bathrooms

The bathrooms have gained over the years in the home importance not only for its constant utility but also because they are spaces where the decor is always protagonists. It’s more than a corner to brush your teeth or take a relaxing bath.

For many, the bathroom is the beloved corner to escape the problems and tensions of the day and get some rest and relaxation.


But for all the above can be met, we must plan how it will be our bathroom. Today we present a series of tips that will help you have a perfect bathroom. Ideal to comply with everything you expect from the smallest room of the house, but certainly the most used, even more than the kitchen.
  • The bathroom always be planned according to the space available. It should be really aware of the meters we have. We can not enter a spa bath or if we have the space required for it. If you have little space a good shower, as the Scots will be fine. But if we have so much space available, not only we can put a good bath but until we can place a small sofa or occasional furniture storage. What we must not lose sight of is: do NOT have to create the feeling of limited space, it has to be a comfortable place, not because we have a lot of space to fill it with furniture!
  • Accessories and materials must be of the highest quality and always trying to be fashionable. We have to plan carefully the colors that we use in the bathroom. On them depends in part the feeling we want to create to enter. Loc neutral colors always look good. When choosing colors like white, cream and beige for the bathroom, it would create a timeless room. Also, a touch of color can be added on towels, accessories, rugs, etc..
  • The toilet should never be installed in front of the bathroom door. It should be placed in a corner against a wall. It is always a good option to place hanging toilets, as it frees the space on the floor.
  • It should determine the end users of the bathroom and the space available to ensure that the bathroom is comfortable and does not look cluttered or overdone.
  • Storage is one of the most important factors, as there are several things that need to be stored in a bathroom. The storage space can be created by placing under sink cabinets, or hanging a closet with mirrored doors.
  • Try to make your bathroom a classy place. It is not the place to express your passion for hobbies or special characters or movie characters.
  • The bathroom is mainly used for washing, which is why most attention should be paid to the lighting. Good natural light will make the space seem larger. No need to install a large number of lighting fixtures, but they must ensure that the bright light and shadows are reduced to the maximum.