Tips to decorate your loft industrial style

Today we decided to dedicate a space to lovers of industrial decoration, a style that timeless merging it with the typical New York loft to create a modern environment based on industrial history and structural role.
Loft characteristic is defined as Studio apartment; with large inputs of natural light and ample vertical space. It usually keeps visible any detail of its structure, which lends itself more to merge with industrial-style furnishings. In ArQuitexs we will bring you the tips better suited to achieve original, bold, daring and industrial d├ęcor.

Industrial brick wall decoration

1. Forbidden to hide
One of the most important features is the appreciation of space in general from anywhere in the room; You can separate or ‘split’ through the furniture, but eye!, without enclosures.

industrial design loft decoration

2. visible structure
In the majority of cases the structural details are fully visible, as well as installations and pipelines. The ideal is to leave them in their original state, although there is also the possibility of painting and retouching, but as previously mentioned “forbidden to hide”.

industrial design loft

3. materials
One of the advantages in terms of costs is usually it is not necessary to take materials absolutely nothing. Floor, walls and roof should preferably be in their original state. If you have to cover some areas the most recommended is the use of materials unpolished; wood, concrete and metal laminates (mostly the latter) bring you friendly manufacturing and modern flair.

Industrial loft decor

4. “improvised” decoration.
This style allows us to play with decoration; We can merge totally opposite styles, adding furniture from different epochs and design trends, play with the contrast of color, add smooth textures and combine them with other, in end. Thus we achieve make the space look authentic, modern and original.

decorating loft

industrial style loft bathroom

industrial style loft wooden table

industrial style room

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loft decoration idea

loft decoration

modern loft design

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