Tips to get natural light to decorate

Natural light makes any decor in a more attractive, since the colors and textures look better in this light than any other. But sunlight is not only good for your interiors but also for your humor.

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If you are preparing for the spring or you are lucky enough to live in a place that is sunny most of the year, then do not hesitate to make changes and renovations to exploit more this light. And if you do not live in a place with lots of natural light, then these changes will help you take advantage of it as much as possible.

Remove or change the curtains
If you have cold winters , you probably have heavy and thick curtains, but do not use during the spring and summer. If possible, remove the curtains and leave the windows uncovered. If you prefer more privacy then choose blinds with fabrics that let the light pass.

Do not forget to clean your windows. You can enjoy the sunniest days, but if the windows are dirty, then your home will look like off. It is important that after a long winter you give a good cleaning to windows, and keep doing it whenever necessary during warm periods.

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Use more mirrors
Mirrors reflect light, so the more you have in your home, but you can enjoy the sunshine. It is important that you consider where the light comes when you decide to hang your mirrors, as you should not hang to reflect light directly to your face or to other people. Although it is impossible to predict exactly where you will be stopped every time you use the room , is not that the mirrors reflect light onto the sofas, television and other places that you use often.

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caught. If you’re willing to do renovations, you can tear down walls that cause unnecessary divisions. If you prefer a more simple change, you can change the wooden doors for a glass.

Also think about other areas you have in your home. The tables of wood can be changed by a glass floor carpet one cause reflex (such as wood or ceramics ), and cabinets for a glass or open.

Cut the plants and trees
Do not forget the outside either. For that light can enter freely, windows should not be blocked or the inside or the outside. If you have silver or bushes that are too large and cover the light to reach the interior, you’ll have to prune them. Same with trees that may block sunlight. You can cut some branches strategically located without pruning the tree completely.

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Paint the walls
Some colors absorb light, others reflect it. It is important to choose the right colors if you are willing to give it a new coat of paint to your home. In general, dark colors are not the best choice if you want to take advantage of natural light, while bright colors or white, is the best solution.

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