Toddler Room Decor

I think the biggest mistake parents make is buying too much furniture when decorating your child’s room, and the room overloading. The idea is to buy the essentials for the room has multi-functions and to grow with the child through the years. Depending on your age and taking into account the size of space, I am a fan of using the single bed against the wall so it looks like a “couch” during the day. Thus, we gain more space in the center of the room to play. Like, if your children share a room, you can buy a bunk bed for an older child or a loft bed is a design that has the raised bed with a desk area underneath.

• It is very important to use the vertical space as much as you can to your advantage. Continuing with this theme, you can incorporate shelves above the doors of the closets (wardrobes) and windows to display trophies or Toys that do not use daily. At the same time, invest in a closet organizer system to use the space as much without you having to buy a dresser. The less furniture, the room will look larger and function better!

• Another idea is to use a small bookcase and a bedside table that serves to store books, backpacks and more toys, like using baskets and trunks to keep all items organized in the room. For girls, I like to create a combination of vanity and desk simply hanging a mirror above and using an upholstered chair that gives a touch of princess room.

• With the selection of key furniture, finishes painting the room in light tones. You can even use chalkboard paint giving an area to draw on the same wall! Then use your favorite color as an accent throughout space in all bed, carpet, curtains, etc.. test and removable decals that come in different designs and themes that give so much personality to a nursery. This way you can create a fun atmosphere that will inspire your creativity and decor will be easy to change in the future if they decide on another style.