Toilet and bidet in a chic design from Hatria

We present you a fresh and modern idea for a chic bathroom design – multifunctional combination toilet and bidet. The Italian company is known for Hatria Their stylish and interesting models. Recently, the designers have Brought a new toilet on the market. G-full, the modern wall-hung WC and bidet system is fitted with a cover made of wood.

modern bathroom design idea bench toilet

In this way, the sanitary facilities can be used as a seat and is a practical addition to any bathroom / sanitary facilities. The elegant and simple design and the interesting combination of toilet and bidet are love love especially suitable for small rooms and offer a space-saving alternative to the traditional designs. The choice of material acts naturally and stylishly – perfect for neutral color scheme like beige Brown or gray.

modern bathroom ideas toilet bidet Italian company

Chromed elements accents and give the model a noble look – the trademark of the manufacturer. The models of G-series full transform each bathroom into a luxurious spa area. This comfort is paramount. Like all products of the Italian company of Hatria, impress them with functions on and combine successfully traditional and modern production methods.

elegant toilet bidet wooden lid modern bathroom design ideas

Sanitary toilet bidet Hatria idea

small bathroom design idea shower toilet bidet

wall-hung toilet bidet wooden lid