Tools required for home

If you are one of those people who are fans to make their own arrangements at home, surely have a lot of tools that you probably do not use insurance and are consuming more space than they actually help. If this is your case, it is best to do a review and learn what are the necessary tools for home , so you’ll know in advance that choose items for each particular case.

This list will also be helpful if you are just beginning to acquire your own tools, for thereby not spend needlessly to buy things you may not know then how to use or how you can help.

What tools do I need?
In this list of tools for home we will take into account the essential and complementary tools , so you can choose according to your needs. The list of items includes tools for gardening or woodworking tools for simple tasks, among others.

Essential Tools
Hammer: This tool is essential for most of the work to be done at home, it can help in various tasks in any area of the home.
Tape measure: with the tape measure can do from decorating jobs up to the manufacture of furniture , this tool is important for all tasks that require accurate measurement. You must have the appropriate length (about 5m.) To measure an average room.
Screwdrivers: a screwdriver set allows you to have different types of tips for every need.
Drill: Believe it or not this is an essential tool, it will help for those arrangements where you need to work on surfaces too strong for a hammer, or when you want more precision.
Film: lead tape or packaging are the main protagonists of most home repairs and qu must be among the first tools to your personal list.
Exact: an exact cut is useful for various types of surfaces with ease and precision.
Wrench: Adjustable wrench lets you work with different sizes of nuts and other surfaces, using a single tool.

Additional tools
Level: if yours are masonry work, you must have a level estonces order to get an accurate reading.
Saw: need for woodworking.
Tweezers: in the case of working with wire or cable clamps need to make various types of cuts and folds.
Straight: despite not being a necessary tool, as we suffer when we need it and not have a fence, so depending on the height of your house, take a ladder never hurts.

If you use other tools that we have not named here I invite you to share with us what you use and why.