Top 19 Easy DIY Easter crafts to inspire you in 2016

Weakly, liquid or hard – everyone gets his egg like he likes it. Fold out a DIY arc boxes and fill with Easter grass. The minutes of cooking on glue dots (Office supplies) stamp and boxes ran thus paste over with. Then decorate with paper chickens.

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The cord is pulled by two lateral Eventually, small slits (carve with the cutter) and tied around the egg. Solvent-free adhesives fix the cord with a swab.
Who wants to pay for the bunny tranquil whisker, two narrow strips cut out using a cutter slightly lighter tone paper and it adheres to cross.

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Thus, every table at the family Festival Gets a particularly cheerful look: in every corner, every dish and every plate to even folded Bunny awaits the guests. After celebrating the Easter Bunny can serve therefore as a small gift.

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We admit: A little patience and sent it needs, to fold the first rabbit origami technique. But if you even out the rotation, the prototype gets Quickly many siblings and friends. With Their long ears and the upright seat, the bunnies are wonderful for the Easter decor.

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So Easter bunnies fall in love immortal! Then give them click and so enchant all Easter guests.

There’s the rabbit couples in our free download. The template Onto firmer tone paper in your favorite color and cut out the Bunny. When They Should be table installation or name card on the big Easter table, leave a margin to set up and fold down below.

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Thinner paper and in a smaller format you can paste the Bunny pairs on the Easter eggs, Easter cards or gifts.

For the glasses with lemonade or champagne, for the home-baked cake or as a protection in the vase with the Tulips: These coasters are practical and make Easter mood on the table.

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In four different sizes, we have prepared the sets and coasters in our download. You can not take print out or in the copyshop so on other sizes and in the color of your choice.
Then cut the mats out Exactly. The best works on a firm surface with a sharp cutter.

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This charming cozy nests are crochet wool. Easter colored eggs come in after Easter candy or jewelery. Best use wool, the reverse can crochet with a medium-sized crochet hook strength.
Here’s how: five air stitches cast on and finish with a chain stitch to the ring. Crochet then five fixed stitches around the ring. Close the round with a chain stitch. Now start the Increases: so did the bottom of the basket remains flat, the Increases with distances to work. In the first round, crochet two stitches fixed in the second round at every second in the third round in every 3rd stitch two fixed stitches in each stitch. Each round is closed with a chain stitch. According to this principle continue to work until the bottom of the Easter nest has reached the Desired size.
Now crochet the rim. For this first two air mesh, then a round long in any second stitch two sticks work, the mesh between two sticks remains free.
If you repeat this round, the edge curves inward more. The margin shoulderstand be higher, crochet a simple swab a round long into each stitch of the round. Each round is closed with a chain stitch. The Desired size is reached, cut the thread, pull it through the load-stitch and sew.

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Quick and wonderfully so suited for other opportunities: painted wooden boxes.

Here’s how: the best and fastest is painting the boxes with Plakafarbe. You get that in any craft store in many different colors. The big advantage of Plakafarbe: You adheres very well to materials: such as stone, wood, metal, glass or cardboard. A primer is not required. Plakafarbe is therefore waterproof and light almost.
There is therefore the wooden boxes at the craft store. The shafts are painted and dried, de color is matte. Tip: After drying the Plakafarbe with a clear coat paint and They get a nice shine. As Zusatzdeko you can stamp letters on the boxes at the end (stamp is there in the craft store or stationery shop).

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Pretty decoration or ideal as a cute, quick-made gifts for Easter Brunch: are the colored Easter eggs in the Easter basket in XXS format.
Here’s how: the brightly colored eggs fit Exactly in the cupcake molds! As a comfortable bed, you get cut tissue paper into strips in her Easter basket.
Additional decorative for eggs dyed in cooking: small paper flowers (bought ready or even punched out) with a mini swab glue adhesive on the eggs. Either all sound in sound or in strong contrast colors.

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From beautiful cups and bowls from the own cupboard filled nests are stained to Easter. Lay out the shells with tissue paper or make Quickly some Easter grass himself. To do this the tissue paper roll and cut strips about four millimeters wide.
The fine Easter baskets are filled with brightly colored eggs, pralines and the home-made Easter biscuits. They not only taste great, but really so chic look. Their beautiful, painted-on patterns and ornaments are special eye-catcher. They are produced with frosting, All which is mixed with a few drops of blue and green food color.
The frosting powdered sugar and lemon juice in a pastry bag or in a plastic freezer bag, cut a tiny corner of the painting comes to – so the splash sleeve is created.
The exact recipe and instructions for the Easter cookies!

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We operate a simple bowl or small bowl from the cupboard to the celebration of the day in no time in beautiful Easter baskets.
Green Kalanchoe from the Garden Center, not straw comes into the bowl. Which we combine into lush Büdeln and tying up loose Possibly with yarn’s. The green grass bundles come in the bowl, individual grass look out over the edge.
In the chic Easter basket, we fill then eggs, chocolate bunnies and small gifts.
There are beautiful bowls for example at IKEA

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For the cute little bag you need linen fabric: the bottom will later have a size of 18 cm, for the edge you will need fabric again around 60 x 22 centimeters. In addition, you need tape, a piece of white cotton fabric and a Rabbit punch.

Here’s how: for the floor on the canvas a circle with a diameter of 18 cm to record and cut with a seam allowance of 1.5 cm. Cut the edge of around about every centimeter.
Then cut the edge to the size 58 x 20 cm, ie with seam allowance of 1.5 cm on all sides.

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Now cut the white cotton piece can vary in size, with the rabbit stamp and stitch on the canvas with stitching. Right on right to the trousers, close the edge of the canvas. Turn the top edge once and stitch.
Right pin on right lower edge at the bottom of the bag and sew all around. Put to the bag to the right side and put the tape around the bottom edge, PIN and secure with a seam.

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The small gift bags, Which can be used just fine as a replacement for the classic Easter basket is quick and easy to make.

Our rabbit motif simply download and print out. The paper from the printer in the middle fold and might cut something. The open sides of the sachet with nice masking tape stick together.
In the Easter basket bags, you can fill a little homemade Easter grass. To a sheet tissue paper roll and cut crosswise into four millimeter thick strips. Pull apart, something become entangled and fill in the Baggie. To join the chocolate bunnies and other small surprises.

About the brunch buffet, the Garland with the cheerful rabbit Ensures small queues, Because everyone wants to look at just the bouncing, colorful companions.
How it works: you download our template for the bunnies for free on your computer. Use it as a template for carton paper. You get into the craft store. Cut as many bunnies, DEPENDING on the how long your Garland shoulderstand be.
The hares are then attached to a cord. To Pierce a hole with a needle centered in the rabbit back.
Tip: To make the bunnies just along the cord hang, drag a thin twine through the hole first. The string knot and pull the cord through the small, barely visible loop.

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How beautiful: a small reception for family and friends for Easter! There are four different drinks with and without alcohol. And let everyone know what is in there, there are prescription labels and labels. You can download Both for free with us!
The drinks have a base: mango-lime smoothie, strawberry-mint smoothie or rhubarb syrup. From this arise four drinks for all tastes: sweet, sour, tart and fruity. The exact recipes on the decorative cards, see our PDF.
Beautiful Easter buffets are. So each guest knowwhat goodies laugh at him, we have also chic labels to attach to bottles, glasses and shelves.

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This tiny jab are the best proof did one can make a great pleasure Easter guests with small things. Especially the little ones will enjoy huge skewers with funny chicks.
Here’s how: we Provide the templates for the chicks for you, use it as a template. You cut the chicks out of heavy cardboard paper (from the craft store). Make them happy and colorful, They get stuck on a dress made of pretty wrapping paper. Cut the excess wrapping paper around. Draw an eye at the end with a felt-tip pen.
The finished chicks stick adhesive or a strip of adhesive tape on shashlik skewers made of wood with a swab. The skewers are then for example fruit or vegetables.

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The Easter decorations are even simple water bottles or glasses! The band with friendly bunny face is even done at lightning speed and looks simply cute!
Here’s how: download our template and use it as a template. Put on pretty wrapping paper, trace the outline and cut out the stamps with rabbit ears. Then comes the finish: with a black felt-tip pen to paint eyes, nose and a happy smiling mouth. The ends of the band be fixed with transparent adhesive tape. Tip: You can make any length the ends of the sleeves. So They fit then include vases around.

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Real party atmosphere comes up with the funny bunny ears for Easter. I bet did not only small easter bunny wants love the decoration for the head.

The ears are simply cut from something durable craft box. Increase our free template first on DIN A 3. The length of the strap holder gemäß to the circumference of the head, the ends of the paper strip stapling you together. The rabbit ears you can use felt-tip pens also paint and decorate.

Cute decoration Easter brunch or small gift to the afternoon coffee at the holidays: The glasses as a substitute for Easter basket.

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Old jam jars come new honor: you are thoroughly rinsed and dried, the label is removed. Then craft paint is used. Paint the lid of the glass as well as small decorative Bunny with the color of your choice (for example by Schleich) pretty opaque to. The intense color Bunny is then glued Onto the cover – the glass is already ready for sweet fillings!

Easter Brunch with the whole family’s can take a while to ever all sitting. The home-made caps keep Meanwhile heat the eggs nicely.

The egg wrapping paper or colored handmade paper sheets (from the craft store) to be made. Cut out twice the shape of the hat and Significantly larger than normal eggs. The edges put one above the other and stick together well.
Then the edges wavy cut (easy this is possible with a special craft scissors with blades wavy). Punching the top of the egg, has a Bell, a spring or even pretty ribbons as a decoration through the hole. Done already!

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The bag is very pretty as Easter basket and insanely quick. You need only a paper bag, cottonballs or wool pompom and tissue paper.

Bags are there in the craft store or in the stationery sector. On one side of the plain bag you simply paste the cotton or the Pompon – already, you can see the Easter Bunny! There is a small poison in the bag. Nice extra fine tissue paper (ie from the papeterie) protrudes from the bag.