Transforming an old bridge in a modern and bright living space

The roof of the old bridge and Luxembourg Mansion (built in the 1920s) Could Hardly BE Imagined in the form of this modern day space and light, after renovation and insulation Who Became The which has undergone.

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However, proper insulation and retention and recovery of construction elements with aesthetic value, as beams of wood structure biggest fan, make an elegant space bridge.

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Moreover, the renovation of the bridge put in value and units underneath, through the widening of all The Crossings, Including a new staircase Without wood and metal risers, the Partially glass floor and a multitude of windows in the attic, Which bring light into the Creates the impression of interior and fluid space.

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The Illuminator from the floor attic staircase Not enough natural light illuminated from underneath, just artificial. In addition, trafficable due to the illuminator and glass structure is solid and has suspended Above the fireplace Matelic, Which puts Even Further in value.

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Modern windows and insulation materials for modern day space Windows added in the attic and replace the existing ones ensures superior thermal insulation and 20 cm added insulation next Creates a climate perfect for modern day space.

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The day is bright and modern new Intended for entertainment and hobbies and is decorated in neutral colors to put the objects in the Collected value.

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