Transparent Flat Decoration

Do you like to live in an apartment that reminds her interior design showcase one of the modern shops? It turns out that such projects today are not only rare, but also very popular. This happens, for example, with this apartment in the heart of Singapore, which has been conceived and created with creative Chinese architects Neri & Hu. The name of this original home – “Wu Residence”. On the appearance of its design resembles a large glass room, arranged in such a way that every room has one or more walls of glass, so walking around the perimeter of these holdings (in the corridor) can contemplate all that is going on in different rooms of the house, does not penetrate them directly, but only by watching. All glass walls converge only in the kitchen at home, while the other numbers only provide an overview of the corridor.
The client chose this crazy scheme house only because to be able to track the movements of their children, which is significantly simplified by the visibility of the rooms. Upon layer of glass, a defining element of the exterior of the house is a Chinese stone bathroom is lined with copper elements, and can boast a bedroom is a wooden wall.











Source: Journal Natalie Shatalova