Tree trunk table – the eye-catcher in the rustic living room

To make a tree trunk table is an ability in the advanced DIY. There is no or hardly what generally applicable rules which can be applied on all ideas easily. Everything is individual, because the trees and the trees are as well. It is also, that the results are as well.

coffee tables Furniture Wood tree trunk table

The two main methods
There are two methods of skin, through which you can create a tree trunk table in our opinion. One is suitable for people who are not particularly talented as a sculptor. You must set on the natural wood forms. It must then edit them by varnishing, grinding, cover with glass. You can either take the simple forms, which provide the most tree trunks, as a base, or but longer search for more complicated and more interesting shapes, which mother nature has created.

dining table table with chairs Wood tree trunk

The DIY sculptor of you could make a sculpture out of a simple tree. You have just more freedom by their talent.

Both types of methods and people who would like to create a tree trunk table, could certainly use inspiration. As you know, we see the provision of such as our main mission. Also in this case, it is no different.

Driftwood Table Coffee Table Build piece

Multi purpose tree trunk table
Is this a table or a Chair? We believe it can serve as both depending on the case! This must be cut off only a matching piece from the trunk and add matching metal legs.

hardwood tree trunk painted table

Living room table
It is in this case here only to cutting, polishing and painting. Through the nuances of nature it can sign up perfectly in so many different stylistic devices, don’t you find?

feet solid wood tree trunk table

A sculpture as a tree trunk table
This example just proves that you can bring a miracle in the form of the tree trunk table home through sculpture. But just think of the magic and charisma, which would spread such a work at your home.

hardwood tree trunk table Metal

A higher side table
This example of a side table from tree trunk can prove that you can play with the height and as well as with the design in such a project. This kind of furniture art is not only beautiful, but quite adaptable.

hardwood tree trunk table seat cushion knitted

Stylistic element
The trunk can be applied within a different table model. Here, it has no such special function. The tree trunk cut off half serves mainly, that it just further emphasizes the reference to the rural.

Living room furniture wood tree trunk table metal legs

DIY from old tables
Do you have a table that has a solid foundation, but a broken surface? You can do something about it! Replace the plate on top of that with a new one, which has been cut out from a tree trunk. You would however also use the help of a sculptor in this case if you are yourself not as one!

Living room furniture coffee table wooden tree trunk table

Tree trunk desk
We want to say anything on this piece… We conclude that, because we find it beautiful.

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Living room furniture wood tree trunk table

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Real Wood Furniture Coffee Table tree trunk table

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