Trend deco 2014: natural, organic and solid furniture

With such a solid as its characteristic wooden furniture experience blonde-and the contribution of his talented wife and friends-artists, Mark Tuckey created a brand interior hundred percent Australian.

Solid Oak Furniture

meet at Newport, one of the great “northern beaches”. Are only 35km from the center of Sydney, but left early. And arrived too early, obviously. From the car, we distinguish the unmistakable tight step Louella-loaded flower-ready obviously to greet us. Let’s take a walk, because there is nothing heavier than those visits that fall when you’re still with wet hair, right?

Solid wood kitchen

Louella is the wife of Mark Tuckey, a man who, after reinventing itself many times (and in the last almost ten years, with your help), now has a furniture brand designed and produced locally, recognized by its Australian virtues: natural, organic, solid, with a touch of nonchalance in color and a contemporary aesthetic that is elegant and embodies the spirit of the sea and the beach. “grew up in the same place (say around a very long life and the world until I returned ) and, as a teenager, I joined with creative people and concerned about the environment: if you did not do something to contribute to that cause, did not exist, “says Mark.

Natural Lawn Care

“We only work with recycled wood or forested Mark was very avant-garde in that respect: it did twenty years ago, when nobody spoke of being green”
Share.Louella was a neat race, but that was not absent the chance. He studied furniture design in his native England, he worked no more and no less than for the legendary Sir Terence Conran, and the fate reunited with her husband when she was sent to open a branch of The Conran Shop in the city of Melbourne, where he stayed and began working as a designer, decorator and stylist for various publications.


This duo is well-distributed bulldozer roles, but deluded by appearances. If he keeps itself cool attitude of its past surfer, is, according to his wife, who pulls the strings, drawing business strategy, see the forest beyond the tree and is involved in the prototypes, he knows what works and what can. She, as a divine model does anything but be cute: create new designs, is responsible for selecting the accessories and acclimate the premises and with the same grace with which accommodates three leaves of fern in laboratory flasks here are used vase, Animal print sandals is removed, rising to one of the many tables in solid wood and drill in hand, in a minute and a half hangs a picture because it seems that for “Picture this corner needs a little color. ” And just like bounces and disappears, like a breath, to continue to organize the day, now, armed with another weapon that smokes: your phone.



Natural interior style