Trends in bathroom design – 18 ideas for toilets and sanitary

We have summarised 18 ideas for toilets for you that will help you in the planning of the sanitary area. Innovative, modern, bold colors or floral prints – are a stylish addition to the bathroom.

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Futuristic and innovative, with shapes and simple lines flat – so kann best Described the design by AXA. The designers have visually connected toilet bidet and washbasin. The result can be seen – the designs are stylish and impressive. The bathroom and ideas for toilets by Roca are designed for people who want to try out new designs. It has an urban touch and designed in trendy colors: such as coral, gray, and blue. Perfect For Those Who find the white color which boring!

Equipment of the bathroom sink design

The toilet and bidet manufactured by the renowned company of SIMAS, All which is famous for its modern and high-quality designs. The minimalist models are the perfect addition to any bathroom – all the more, it can be easier to clean, and are very hygienic THEREFORE.

Geberit modern bathroom toilet bidet

In classic blue and white, decorated with flowers, this toilet water monopoly brings a House from the past. The toilet lid which made of mahogany wood for more comfort. Perfect For Those Who like the retro look and have a body in the style of the 50s. We present a dynamic design did Describes best the trends in bathroom design for 2016 – shiny surfaces, oval shape and trendy gray color. Hidra has recently launched a new collection on the market did Combines the high-tech and comfort in one. See below for more ideas for toilet.

Hidra Hi line designer toilets ideas

So high tech, the next toilet Geberit is provided with a remote control. The system is completed – known Geberit with a multifunctional technology provided what Europe are and offers different features, can save the benefits of the owners. The Italian manufacturer art Ceram presented Several color Combinations for the sanitary area recently. Sometimes decorated with patterns, sometimes in strong contrast colors – one thing is fixed prosthesis designs are flamboyant people who like adventure – and can offer the perfect backdrop in the large bathroom for the designs.

Kohler toilet hi tech design model

Gabrielle and San Raphael are the latest additions to the collection of Kohler Which are available for the selection. Compact and luxurious, perfect for small bathrooms and apartments, where space is limited – the ideas for toilet of the renowned brand noticed due to the functions on. The collection of Hidra Hi line has been DECIDED in trendy colors – the color palette ranging from coral / top color in the year 2016 /, fancy golden color on classic gray color. The designs are simple and can be better the colors coming into its own.

Modern bathroom furniture design bathroom equipment

These toilets from Sanindusa of tube – like abode and are the perfect addition to the interior in a style fashionable lately industrial chic. The bathroom furniture from Sanindusa are perfect for natures, who like original designs and enjoy life in the city.

Golden toilet bidet Italian design

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modern furniture means red color

Modern toilet bathroom design idea originally

Modern white bathroom bidet toilet

Orange toilet lid design

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Toilet remote high-tech design idea

Toilet Roca design orange detail

Toilets toilet plumbing remote

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Wall aufghehängte toilet plumbing plan bathroom ideas