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Trendy House with colorful Interior kitchens in Taiwan usually have a dark and closed nature. House Design Studio has this pattern broken by a large open living space with cheerful colours, playful building elements and the combination of different materials. The kitchen, living room and dining room blend together making it young family can spend more time with each other.

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The kitchen is eclectic styled. A kitchen table with a base of metal pipes, a wooden bar stool kitchen Chair, leather upholstery, plastics, … All kinds of materials are here used interchangeably without a mess. On the contrary: it makes the space cheerful and playful. Ideal for a young family.

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Playing with different colours and materials does not stop in the kitchen and the living room but is continued in the full House. Each room is characterized by its own unique material choices and is brightened up by means of colour accents. The result is a colourful interior with green often plays the main role.

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This partition wall, made of metal pipes, does away with the Taiwanese tradition and gives the room an open look. The cement tiles with different motives add to the colourful décor.

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設計說明for archdaily

設計說明for archdaily