Types of paint to renovate kitchen and bathroom

If you are planning to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, you should know that with a little paint you can leave them as new, knowing what they can paint and how to combine colors give will achieve quite acceptable change. But it is also essential to distinguish what types of paints are the most suitable for these environments in particular, see:


Anti-fungal Painting
An anti-fungal paint has special additives to prevent fungal growth in the presence of moisture, common in kitchens and bathrooms. Is a common property in many plastic or acrylic paint, but they have not all. With them you can paint walls and ceilings.


Tile Painting
One of the most difficult and cumbersome things are changing in every kitchen tiles or ceramic tile walls. In the case of a total renovation of the decor it is best to change the color permanently, and it’s better to painting with a special material that provides perfect adhesion on a surface as hard as this. It is important to note that the tiles must be clean and free of substances (fats, oils or detergents) that prevent the correct grip of the paint.


Slip paint
Both in the kitchen and in the bathroom there is a risk of spilling liquids to become very slippery floors, and precisely in these environments can lead to dangerous falls. So it is essential that the soil is protected by applying a non-slip paint on the existing material.


Another suitable option is to place non-slip floors or floors that offer many more years of life with the possibility of choosing from a wide range of colors and designs, including imitation wood.

paint to renovate kitchen

Painting photocatalytic
It is a special painting by a natural process caused by light, decomposed organic particles and microorganisms in simple and harmless substances. It is able to kill bacteria and fungi that adhere to the walls, or suspended in the air which are responsible for odors particles, but in contact with the wall is neutralized.

These paintings are not available on all models, there are even specialized manufacturers alone in this type of material. Suitable for painting walls and ceilings.