Umbrella stand – cool design ideas!

When the summer is over, and the first drops of rain from the sky start falling, you need to take your umbrella out of the closet. Yes, maybe you do not like the rain, and this is quite understandable. The feet and the paddings are wet, and then comes the question of where we should put our wet umbrella now. On the floor or on the wall is not such a good idea, not even on a piece of furniture.

Umbrella storage in different colors

You have no worries, we will give you many great examples of umbrella stand that are both functional and modern and elegant! You can position the umbrella stand in the home or outside the door, so that it is most convenient to you. Look at our pictures for inspiration!

cool storage for umbrellas

cool umbrella storage ideas

cool umbrella Storage

Design Stands umbrella

elegant umbrella Storage

glass umbrella stand design nice book

Italian designer umbrella stand design

Metal stand for Umbrella

modern coat stands and umbrella stands

modern design umbrella stand

modern stand for umbrellas

modern umbrella Storage

Move umbrella stand ceramic-looking

nice place for Umbrella Storage

practical umbrella stand design idea

Storage space for umbrellas

Tin Umbrella Storage Ideas

Umbrella green design idea

Umbrella Racks Glass Design

umbrella stand design with steel water bowl

umbrella stand for umbrellas

umbrella stand holdywa stainless steel

umbrella stand in white

Umbrella stand modern design

umbrella stand sponge base

umbrella stand warm colors

umbrella stand white Storage

Umbrella storage at the door

umbrella Storage design 600x330

Umbrella Wooden Storage