Unique Decorating Walls Ideas with tatoos

Wall color looking wall decals have an extraordinary effect, are easy to install, and can be exchanged at any time: wall decals and wall stickers are the trend of the time. Bring your favorite motives beyond gleaming white walls, but also coloured walls – some motif is particularly impressive on a colored background. A photo-realistic flower on yellow wall in the dining room, a wall clock in the blue bathroom and funny wall sticker chickens on a kitchen wall in beige:

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The Taj Mahal of India in your own living room: Impressively presents itself the wall on a wall in purple and teal. The different large stars and the moon can be stuck at will.  Butterfly and birds reach here close. A wall painted in denier Rosa and contains a small flock of birds. The wall in pale yellow brings butterflies to fly.Flowers love sunlight – and in the apartment a wall in bright yellow and bright white. These beautiful specimens bloom really and enchant the home.

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On a wall in Lilac tree rises up to the ceiling, a small bird feeder provides warm light. The tree makes a great figure with its colorful leaves in blue and green – also on a whitewashed wall and delight all children’s eyes.

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All owls are already there! A whole extended family in the living room on a wall in light blue has settled as a wall sticker. These wall stickers are homemade! The four-leafed clover leaves and flowers are cut from colorful wallpapers. Then comes with Paste on the white wall. You need only our template for the large flower heads and colorful wallpapers. This vibrant wall conjures up rustic flair to your kitchen. At the sight of even the washing up is fun. And the wall in warm shade of sand is the perfect backdrop for the small flock with cock.

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The lanterns give a special note the favorite place. The wall is very nice on a plain white wall. We recommend also a colored wall for this wall decals – for instance to delicate yellow, these motifs shine guarantees beautifully.

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temperature in the House. With this decorative wall decals, you turn anywhere yet so dismal in a favorite spot. The color blue is perfect for the bathroom, ensures freshness, harmony and relaxation. Included with the tattoo a clock you give your bathroom that certain something.


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