Unique Spa Hotel makes dreams come true

Aqua Dome in Langenfeld – unique Spa Hotel makes dreams come true Vacation plan and still do not know where? It pays to thermal resort Aquadome in Langenfeld visit and get glory and peace be enchanted by the!

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Aqua Dome – resort, lying, has been Further developed in the midst of stunning Austrian countryside, to underline the glory of the mountainous environment even more. Aqua accommodates each year 350,000 visitors dome in Langenfeld. The project did Achieved Aquadome Becomes a special natural attraction for the region. At the same time, he gives guests the opportunity to enjoy the famous alpine atmosphere. Conical tower Combines three cup-shaped swimming pools. At first glance, They look as If They float above the Earth. Underwater music and light effects to teach to the high mood. Pointed roofs of the observation deck – regionally mined stone built, are in harmony with the surrounding mountains.

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More recreation facilities, the Aquadome in Langenfeld consist of more Conventional 25-meter pools and special areas for children who are separated. A total of 2,200 square aquatic facilities remove filtered thermal water from the reservoir located 1,865 squaremeters under the ground. Apart from the hotel did has over 200 rooms, so dome sauna complex and seminar room to Aqua. The use of the wood and stone Continues in the interior design. Rooms are decorated in seeking a way did immediately indicates the highest quality from the Alps.

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ceiling cut material wood stone regionally donated space for relaxation

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Interior design interesting impressive downlights added fresh color bright natural element look like stars

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unique build building architecture tower straight line nature monument abstract

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