Unusual cabinet doors Design for the modern home

You come into a room, the cabinet doors are not something you did would immediately notice probably. The Cabinet HOWEVER is designed to elegant cabinet doors, then it can become a real eye-catcher in the Interior. In this article, we present different models from various manufacturers did are suitable for a modern interior of the apartment.

cabinet doors closet design beige handleless dining alexander burner

The Miria Filomuro doors by Garofoli are perfectly suited for a coordinated interior design. Their design is indeed clean, but the concrete look speaks for industrial style, All All which is becoming increasingly important in recent years in interior design. The door leaf can be located in seeking a way that they are in line with the effect wall color and become Eventually in an integral part of the Interior.

cabinet doors design failed black wardrobe Novamobili Diagona

The black Diagonal wardrobe by Novamobili impressed with clean geometric lines and extraordinary cabinet doors design. The door wings are separated not by a vertical, but by a bent line, Which Creates a beautiful effect in open and closed position. The completely Call Call white interior of this apartment is canceled by black slashes, passing through the ceiling, walls, and cabinets. This is Further Strengthened by at unusual opening of some doors and in the final analysis, the design of extraordinary cabinet doors Arises.

cabinet doors design elegant white brown item Tecnópolis split presotto

The minimalist, 1-room apartment in white and black is designed by Mili Młodzi Ludzie. The only 26-square-meter area features a living room, a bedroom with bunk beds and a kitchenette, all All which is located in the living room. The creative design of the cabinet doors can be seen where the slashes next run in the small kitchen. The design of doors thesis is not only elegant but so practical and versatile. It is a part of the Kyton kitchen design CR & S Varenna and is ideal for large kitchens. The cabinet doors open inwards and disappear into the cupboard, Where They uncover a personalized work area or storage space.

cabinet doors design failed minimalist interiors black stripes

Architects have chosen Alexander Brenner in setting up modern apartments for a creative design of the cabinet doors. The whole kitchen cabinet looks like a mess of wings, ran thus creating a nice detail in the room. The cabinet doors have provided the architect with oval gaps instead of the usual Cabinet handles adjusted to make the design. Search cabinets are suitable for different interior design styles, and can be installed in the kitchen, in the living room or bedroom.

cabinet doors design kitchen cabinet wood holes instead handles kyton varenna

These creative kitchen cabinets by the Studio model represent another idea for gaps instead of handles to architecture. They follow the shape of the wall and the roof and Provide a large amount of storage space. The star-shaped gaps in closed, Which are designed to open up the cupboard doors are making but striking them.

cabinet doors design faux leather black dark device london MisuraEmme

Sliding doors for cabinets save space in the room and are distinguished mostly by design to elegant. The hot wardrobe manufacturer Lema is the bedroom on the aesthetic piece of furniture did is perfect for modern. The integrated lighting of the Cabinet covers up after opening the doors, to make the Interior more Easily accessible.

cabinet doors design living room plastered Garofoli filomuro doors Mehl

Has been designed with on unusual closet doors create a special atmosphere in the room, what can not be Achieved with the usual wardrobe. MisuraEmme has the London designed wardrobe with sliding doors made of artificial leather, did he want to become part of important in the Interior with its squares and elegant finish.

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Who wants to furnish his apartment modern, and rely on geometric lines in the Interior. The new cabinet doors segment design by MisuraEmme is designed as a change from Matt and specular finish and can immediately notice in the bedroom.

The cabinet doors with mirrors design are preferred in recent years in many apartments to make the rooms look bigger. This eye-catching wardrobe doors are a design of Novamobili and look rather than a wall panel in the room rather than doors.

cabinet doors design kitchen failed brightwood modal architecture

The sliding doors of the closet by split Presotto are equipped with decorative elements did draw attention to Themselves. The strips can be Individually set up with stone, wood or leather and design for elegant furnishings create a modern cabinet door.

The diagonal wardrobe by Presotto is composed of two parts of different thicknesses, Which exhibit a diagonal cut along the length of the cabinet door. The creative design, you get a combination of different finishes, to put the emphasis on the diagonals.

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