Unusual Garden decoration makes from old kitchenware

garden decoration make filter flower traffic light terrace

decoration gives a quite individual mark to every garden. If you liked to do garden decoration, consider what you could do with old budget subjects. Upcycling is already since some years fully in the trend and has also established itself as a life attitude. With Up-cycling old products get a higher value!
wind-shine cheese dairy country house style
Every old subject has at least 20 other ranges of application and completely simply can be converted. Today we show you some inspirations how one can breathe old kitchen equipment new life and integrate this into the garden decoration.
 Wooden spoon towel for owner
spoon shine for flower
wind-light cutlery beads old neck-chain wind light wine glass tealight owner for garden party wall decoration fence for pan
tea-light cheese for table Table decoration arrangement tea light Succulent gravel for filter potshine for funnel filter pergola outdoor kitchen multicolored Colored cheese slices for lamp old Pots tower table-ware old cutlery ladle whisks tealight owners miniature fairy garden pot cover Muffin shape for wood barrelspoon butterfly for garden plug
filter Succulent plant filter instruction flower traffic light
Cheese spray paint cheese shine wound cover cheese owl instruction of legs cheese flowers of herbs owners