Unusual wood jewelry from colorful pencils

Upcycling is possible in every area. We have shown that often enough for you. We are very excited about this topic and are constantly on the lookout for new inspiring ideas. So recently we have the lovely wooden jewellery by young, Czech designer Anna ÄŒurlejova discovered. At first glance, their jewelry pieces as paint look. But then finds out that’s much more hiding behind it. It’s a sophisticated art with colored pencils. Beautiful honeycomb pattern and delicate stripes in different colours decorate the round, triangular and rectangular piece of wood jewelry. Who would have thought then that a pencil can be used as multifunctional. Depending upon how the pencils are performed, one after the other new forms emerge. The artist combines these fabulous and creates new and new pieces – necklaces, rings, bangles.

pencils wooden jewelry bracelets

If you wish to receive a detailed insight into the work of Anna, you should visit in any case at Etsy. You will find here something suitable not only for themselves, but also many gift ideas for good friends or for a very special person. Wood warms and radiate good energy. In addition, wood is according to Feng Shui the element of the year 2015 – the year of the wooden sheep. Accordingly, wearing this element helps the optimal flow of Chi energy. Which in turn promotes the balance in all areas of life. Trust the nature and the ancient Chinese teaching and welcome the sustainable wood jewelry from colorful pencils. So you buy not only originality and good energy, but also a bit more conscience and optimistic attitude to the world of tomorrow.

Wood jewelry of pencils round earrings

Remains simply positive and never stop to look for new ways and to praise the sustainability. Green thoughts need also consistent actions to turn into reality. Don’t forget it and let themselves never talk out of it!

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Wood pencils striped pendant necklace

Wood pencils triangular earrings

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wooden jewelry necklace pencils triangle

wooden jewelry necklace pencils upcycling

wooden jewelry necklace pencils

wooden jewelry rings pencils colorful round

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