Uses wallpaper in decorating

Since its release the wallpaper has been viewed as an alternative to give a different color or designs used on our walls, but today, beyond continue to fulfill its primary function, there has been a revival of the use of wallpaper to decorate, it is being used in several original ways to change and renovate the home.

Among the uses of wallpaper in the decoration , as well as covering the walls, we found the ceiling decoration , stairs and doors, among many others. That is why today we will give some ideas for you to give new uses to reanimes wallpaper and your home environment.
Decorating with wallpaper

Dare to mix different styles of patterns and / or colors in one room. Note that if you combine styles, you must choose a similar color range. The idea is to play with the proportions of the room and use different figures simultaneously.

Try a striped patterned decoration combined with a filigree pattern or flowers, soft colors used for highlighting the figures. Try to intersperse the walls to distinguish the patterns.
In case you want to use contrasting colors, wallpaper gets stamped with the same tones you want to combine. If you are patient attempts to match the pattern of a color with the pattern of the other to give a sense of continuity.

Vintage Style
To decorate a vintage style home , as well as incorporating elements and colors of the time, you can choose a wallpaper that feeling of aging. Pastel colors are key to temporarily give that feeling.

Covering a room
If you have a wallpaper with a subtle pattern can be used to decorate both the walls and the ceiling of the same environment, do not worry it will not be reloaded if you respect the fact choose neutral colors or pastels.

You can combine several types of wallpaper to decorate with textures . Get paper in various colors and contrasting designs, covering the walls with a solid color paper and used the patterned papers and bright colors as pictures: just cut a piece of it as a frame and stick it to the wall, placing the above frame. You can use this resource by “boxes” large and small, and combining them into a single wall.

Cover furniture
You can also use wallpaper to give new life to furniture, look for the pattern of your choice for covering tables or shelves and change their appearance.

Well, I hope these different uses of wallpaper to decorate will be useful. What other ways you would use the wallpaper in decorating?