Vacation in the bathroom: Tips for a Mediterranean ambience

A Mediterranean flair in the bathroom arouses holiday feelings and invites you to relax hours. What could be better than enjoying a touch of luxury in your own wellness area after a hard day? This dream can come true because with the appropriate furnishings every bathroom can be transformed into an oasis of peace.

bathtub and health spa, jacuzzi
bathtub and health spa, jacuzzi

This style of furnishings reminds almost like any other of the Mediterranean feeling: the Mediterranean look also creates a summery mood in the bathroom. Plain shapes and clear lines are the focus of the Mediterranean decor. Whether it is a washbasin, a mirror cabinet or shelves, this is the perfect basis for high-quality and functional design furniture, which can be ordered from this supplier, for example. There is a wide range of individual and modern bathroom furniture made of exclusive materials.

An elegant appearance is also achieved by high-gloss surfaces, which are made in a day-long process consisting of varnishing, grinding and polishing. The trend is currently the combination of white high-gloss varnished with a wood optic; As well as accessories such as soap dispensers or towel racks made of stainless steel and the harmonious overall picture is perfect. Design furniture certainly cost its price, but thanks to its high quality it still looks as new after years and does not lose its lustre.

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