Vegetarian cake with Oriental flavour

Vegetarian cakes and far East? There to discover the hidden context? The chef from Los Angeles Stephen McCarty has seen these and showcased by his vegan culinary creations. Under the name of Sukhavati raw desserts (Sukhavati in Hindi means happy) he prepared unique mandala cake, bringing each to amaze with their fresh colors and subtle patterns. Just as the religious and sacral symbols – the Mandalas, these cakes are also a sign of the transience. The sand mandala for weeks are mastered according to tradition in Tibetan Buddhism, disappear in seconds by the deliberate wiping it away. In this way is the ideal of delivery of the material world reminiscent of and the endless interplay of creation and destruction in the universe. With his mandala-cake, the chef would also remind that life here and now must be lived.

Blueberries vegan cake mandala

These Vegan cakes are completely healthy. They consist of ethical animal ingredients and provide not only for physical health, but also for a good conscience. The food colors that were used are exclusively of natural plant and fruit extracts. Some of the delicious cake creations are the banana nut chocolate cheese cake, the coconut – lime cheesecake, the acai berry Blueberry mango – cheese cake, just a few to name a few. There’s something for every taste.

vegan cake mandala cyan Schneekristall

The patterns themselves are also quite diverse. Some are more geometric, others reminiscent of snow crystals or star, and still others are a stylised imitation of flowers. Each model is unique and has something magical in itself. Not for nothing the Mandalas are used as tools for deep mental concentration in the far East and in the West. Longer viewing of a mandala Buddhist opinion, reduces ICH attachment (the cause of all suffering) because mentally crossed the line between body identification and experience of space.Let the magic of Mandalas and pick your Favorites! We could not decide easily. They are all unique and fascinating in its symmetry and unity.

Blueberries vegan cake sunflower mandala purple patterning variety vegan cake mandala vegan cake cheesecake mandala purple white  vegan cake mandala filigree flowers vegan cake mandala flowers chocolatey vegan cake mandala healthy geometric patterns vegan cake mandala healthy vegan cake mandala perfection bowl vegan cake mandala rainbow colors vegan cake mandala Schneekristall chocolate purple vegan cake mandala snowflake vegan cake mandala star caramel chocolate vegan cake mandala stylized flower vegan cake mandala sun fresh flowers vegan cake mandala symmetry flowers fresh strawberries vegan cake pattern mandala colorful flowers