Villa With Impressive Futuristic Architecture

Customers of this project collect sculptures made by local artists of the places they visit. A hobby that has served the architect Reza Aliabadi to design the element of new housing of clients: become a totem vertical art gallery, which rises through three levels of the house, where pieces of art are displayed they have brought from places around the world.

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To design the house, the architect started with 10 cubes aligned with the site, which not only served to define interior spaces, but also to make the backyard boundaries, the landscape, the parking deck and driveway . Totem sits in the hub dividing the living room from the kitchen on the ground floor and two bedrooms on the second floor. As a gazebo, an open wooden staircase runs around the totem, allowing to observe the works of art from different angles. Externally, the property is presented as a monolithic brick volume.

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This perfect dough are drawn two small blocks in the north and south facades are clad in wood. The small wooden corner creates an interesting perception, where one imagines that wood is the core material of the mass of brick, and a bitten apple which sets the color of their flesh. Architect: Reza Aliabadi Project: Totem House Location: Toronto, Canada Year: 2011-2013 Living Area: 148.64 m2 Reza Aliabadi

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