Vintage and Colorful Wallpaper

If you are fond of the style you choose for your home vintage wallpaper 70s! As you know play with the wallpaper with a pattern printed very specific and particular, is a great way to decorate your home. The wallpaper is not, however, only an adorner but it is also considered as a piece of furniture. Should take account of its position, the light filtering, how it can change and, possibly, improve the environment where we decide to lay down. The vintage wallpaper 70s is very special, unlike those from the most modern pattern, this is quite dark and you can see it in your drawings in both colors, that look dated and retro.


In our photo gallery we have compiled for you the best images of wallpapers 70 years, so you can start to get an idea of the most suitable to your home.

The wallpaper in the last few years has been definitely abandoned by builders, architects and interior design. It’s really difficult to find a house with rooms decorated with wallpaper. Even more complicated gather in front of rooms with 70s style pattern, unless captivate in an old palace practically abandoned to itself. Over the past decade, at least, was itself the minimalist style dominates, the tendency to full white, the clean lines and furnishings. The decorations, those beautiful, lush and colorful, have been put aside, set aside in a corner. But the constant and absolute looking for a minimalist style has come to a point of return, awakening, especially in the nostalgic, a huge passion for vintage style. In short, a return to the roots! Here, then, that the wallpaper is back in fashion and recurs in its variant craziest, colorful, importantly, that of the 70s.

Because when we refer to the wallpaper 70s we use terms like important and absurd? The answer is quite clear and simple. In those years, the colors were dominant in every sector, especially in fashion. As you well know fashion and design are closely related, so it’s no surprise that on the walls, as well as on jerseys and pants, we find the same patterns. In the 70s the predominant reasons were the geometric el ‘optical, but also the contrasting floral prints. Leafing through the gallery you will immediately realize that these three reasons were basic but also very strong and determined. In addition, they used a lot of dark colors, taking little account of light. Thus, today, when and if you choose to dress up your home with vintage wallpaper 70s you have to keep in account the ‘natural and artificial lighting, or you will make the room dark!

Where to hang the wallpaper 70s? Given that the reasons are intense and important, you should not spread it all over the walls but choose wisely just a few panels. If you want to give a touch of style to your living room, you should cover the wall where the sofa is placed. The same also applies to the bedroom and the children’s room, but remember not to overdo it. The wallpaper gives also an important issue to the bathroom and it is also an excellent solution in the kitchen, to make the environment more colorful and lively.








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