Vintage and contemporary furniture design in Kare

What is the vintage style ? This is a question that we are entitled to ask to look at everything that is labeled and whatever the time and style. For vintage has become a catchall term. This was not always the case. Initially, the word vintage is a anglicism designated wine vintages or spirits. It was only in the 90s that we began to use this word for old clothes of famous designers. Gradually, the term has emerged to illustrate used parts, dating to the later 1980s, designating clothing, furniture, styles that have marked the 20th century.


Today we present Vintage furniture contemporary designer, representative of the broader definition of style. How do we recognize vintage furniture? Firstly there is the reference to the past and “lived” object: it is a little worn finish and bears the marks of time. Then, these furniture are often shape and design referring to a classic craftsmanship of the 19th and 20th centuries as the style baroque classic, retro, art deco.


Vintage furniture is leather, precious woods, natural materials, sophisticated finishes, referring to the signature of great artisans, goldsmiths, designers. Here is a selection of vintage furniture created by renowned designers for Kare Design . Each piece was in one way or another inspired by a vintage style look that is still fashionable.

banc-rembourre-vintage-Motley  canape-design-vintage-cotton-Peacock chaise-cuir-vintage-Kare-design coffre-rangement-design-vintage commode-bois-vintage-Kare-design commode-sur-pied-Kare-design

fauteuil-art-deco-Louis-Mini fauteuil-cotton-Kare-design fauteuil-Opulence-Kare-design fauteuil-rembourre-vintage-Kare-design lampe-vintage-annees-60

meuble-sous-vasque-design-Bruna-Rapisarda meubles-viintage-lit-Kare-design meubles-vintage-bahut-Kare-design meubles-vintage-bar-Kare-design  meubles-vintage-canape-Kare-design meubles-vintage-fauteuil-Mink-Kare-design table-bois-vintage-Vecchio-Karre-design table-chaises-vintage-Chalet-Louis