Vintage Wood to decorate

The disused wood material is very suitable for the decoration present a vintage very flattering. In the form of a cabinet, a headboard or whatever the chosen type of accessory, aged wood is a must to create rustic spaces, environments and give retro unique style stays.


In most classrooms do not miss any coffee table, side table or cabinet-bookcase made ​​of wood. The vintage wood is ideal if you want to create a slightly rustic, play with the quality of the accessories and mix styles, such as the room in the picture above.
In the case of this pretty headboard, aged wood in various shades is a complete success. It combines perfectly with the trunk-side table, all very rustic and fascinating style and delicate.

Another vintage wood rustic furniture that will delight fans of this kind of style is this comfortable:
The boxes and wood paneling are other essential accessories both for its utility as visual appeal that release. Great option to create eclectic environments where there is a bit of everything: rustic, simple Nordic country style, shabby chic, classic …

Finally, more ideas for decorating with vintage wooden lockers, chairs and even a bucket. The frosted appearance of wood helps to create these environments as natural and inspired. Adding floral decorations, get a much more bright. The old flavor of the vintage, once again, proves to be an interesting option for decorating a home.








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Vintage Wood to decorate