Wall Decal clean stick to the wall: How to properly

The wall decals clean glue on the wall: so it goes right It is hard not sure you at large selection in one adhesive film-shop to find and to choose your special favorite tattoo. So did you can paste the wall really perfectly on your wall, we will give you some practical tips. With thesis, you get simple and clean your tattoo on your wall.


(1) a mark install: once you have DECIDED Which place in the future to adhere to the tattoo, you make with a simple marker for it did it just sticks. Especially if you a tattoo from the adhesive-film shop, Examined as Myfolie, chose a slogan, shoulderstand this really accurate just hanging out. This is very simple with the help of a spirit level and a few pieces of masking tape. You just keep the wall at the point it shoulderstand hang on the later. All just align a caption of the subject with a spirit level. Mark the two upper corners of the transparent carrier foil to the wall with two small pieces of masking tape. Because the white or light blue backing paper is removed, you make surethat you focus on the corners of the transfer film.

Wand mit Baum als Wandtattoo während einer Renovierung

Remove the backing paper 2): place the wall on a straight surface and Several times delete with a so-called squeegee (pressure help) Firmly over the whole front. Then you can peel off Easily the white or light blue backing paper from foil, where the subject is silent sticking. For this, turn the tattoo so did the motif with the face downwards. Carefully touch the paper at one corner and pull slowly and care fully it at a very shallow angle. Hang this procedure individual small spots of the tattoos on the backing paper, then put back this small piece of paper and rub once Firmly over the Appropriate location.


(3) the transparent movie on the wall: both films are care fully separated and you glue the wall decals on the carrier film, movie, using the tattoo it care fully on the wall. Now just use the mark did you have Previously attached to the wall with the masking tape and adhesive films align your shop wall decals from the then. Now, once again need the squeegee and paint the Entire foil well to the wall with this set. Make surethat you particularly well Firmly small portions of the wall decals. Then remove the transparent carrier foil slowly in shallow angle from the wall – your tattoo shoulderstand now stick to the wall.


4) give the finishing touches: so did the image is really tightly nestled on the wall, you can give him yet the finishing touches with the help of hair dryer and a soft cloth. A hairdryer set so, did he blows lukewarm air and judge on the subject. With the cloth, wipe each part of the tattoos and depress it to the wall. Thanks to the heat, everything will be smooth and soft – and the tattoo takes on the structure of the wall and adheres Firmly.