Wall design – ideas for a beautiful wall decoration

You plan to paint your home soon? When was the last wall line here? Do you still remember? Certainly you had to think of so many things, such as furniture, curtains and lighting, etc. Everything has to be very well-planned, because ultimately make a choice that will determine the mood in your home for a very long time. Even specialists find it hard every time when it comes to a new project. So, everyone would need some help losing the priorities not from the eye.

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Think of the emotions that bring all colors!

We must do much work in a busy and stressful everyday life. We all have the need to come back in an apartment that feels like a real home, don’t we? The colours are of fundamental importance in this respect. Before you read any studies on the psychology of colors, you should first consider what suits your human nature. Forget not the wishes of other fellow human beings and roommate. Then compare this feeling with the typical emotions, the nuances to bring. The ideal compromise would be the most appropriate choice in your wall design.

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Emotions and colors

We may not forget the impact of bringing different emotions of any color. These are partly individually, but there are also some general trends. Below is the main tendencies, what message is the wall design through the choice of one or another color to.

-Blue will make sure that you feel relaxed; You can compare the feeling with the prospect of a sea and sky;

Cream is a gentle color; If you would choose your wall ideas for this color, you love, would express care and absolute devotion;

Grey is strict, yet decided and male; The apartment is also a bit official and business-like look. This election is so very fitting for a workroom.

Yellow is sunny and warm; So a wall design will make sure that you have at home always something of the summer and its heat;

Green is the nuance of nature and growing new life; You can recover very quickly from fatigue and exhaustion.

By beige, you behave neutrally; This nuance is suitable for people who have a pronounced need for security.

Purple is associated with the spring and the beauty of the flowers. But associated is thus also the power and control. Wall ideas with red are very brave; Because this one brings the power of fire, the passion and the strong emotions; Not as a main nuances, then you should consider red as an accent in consideration;

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