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The stickers are a trend in interior decoration. With little money and effort enables you to give a creative and personal touch to your walls. The advantages of using wall stickers is that they are easy to install, are inexpensive and there are a variety of designs and colors to personalize proposals different rooms of your home or office.

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When we decided to apply vinyl designs to decoration we must first define the place where you will place, we have to be careful with recharge environments, choosing the right size and color of the vinyl design to achieve that suits our home and is in harmony with the room size.

Can you apply yourself, not only on walls, also in furniture, windows, doors, wood, etc.., Provided they are smooth and clean surfaces. The decorative vinyl is easily removed so you can change to another design when I get tired of it.

There are now numerous online shops, specialized in wall stickers, which you can find a variety of designs grouped into categories, there are ideas on vinyl for each environment, we just have to take a lot of imagination and play with the possibilities, many of these stores also develop designs custom. The stickers give instant results in a few minutes you can have a room completely renovated.

To keep them clean just enough to clean with a damp cloth, they are resistant to steam which are also used in kitchens and bathrooms. If we avoid strong light sources or heat directly on them.

With the stickers we have the possibility of expressing graphics, ideas and forms grounds, offering design solutions and allowing the possibility of redecorating over time, so think big and dare to play with your walls.








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