Wall tiles for the bathroom – 30 modern tile designs and trends from Italy

Tiles are still a classic for the panelling of the walls and the floor in the bathroom and every year more and newer and original models for bathroom tiles are emerging. If you are looking for modern wall tiles for the bathroom, then you are right here. In the article, you will find the most popular optics and trends from the new collections of the world’s most famous tile makers from Italy.


Italian tiles impress with their timeless elegance and high-quality design, which transform the bathroom into a feel-good oasis. The modern wall tiles for the bathroom capture various optics and patterns, which can decorate the walls in the bathroom properly. From 3D patterns that create creative light and shadow effects, through the most popular stone and wood optics, to coloured bathroom tiles that impress with geometric and floral patterns. The Italian tile producer Atlas Concorde has modernised the classic marble and stone optics tiles in its new Marvel Stone collection, combining the popular look with a 3D effect.

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The luxury pure collection Marvel Stone includes floor and wall tiles for the bathroom, which reflect the popular effect of stone and marble. In combination with popular patterns in monochrome colours, the classic bathroom tiles look particularly classy and at the same time modern. The Marvel Stone collection is supplemented by a 3D wall covering, which ensures special effects in the bathroom. The fine stoneware ceramic tiles have a wave effect and combine nicely with other models from the collection.

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Immagini 496
Immagini 496

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