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The rooms decorated with oriental touches are timeless. In Europe we still yielding unconditionally to finesse, elegance and mystery of art come from the Far East, which brings a touch of exoticism that is not incompatible with modernity and good taste. Year after year, I see that continue in decoration furniture using Chinese or Japanese style, the vellum screens to separate spaces and decorative motifs inspired by both ancient empires.

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To sample well worth this beautiful wallpaper of the British firm Bruce Fine Papers, which is great for decorating interior walls and furniture.

You can use, for example, to decorate a bathroom. tiling Looks good socket to a height of, say, 150 inches, and then coated with the role the rest of the wall. This delicate paper combines perfectly with dark wood accessories: towel, framed mirrors and furniture accessories like the Dragan or MOLGER series of Ikea. A green or fuchsia towels can complete the environment; and if you have natural lighting, nothing better than some houseplants large green leaves to create a luxurious bathroom.


Another option is to use the paper to line the inside of a glass case, as I taught them in this post. To do this, you can use wallpaper paste for borders, which is already prepared and simply apply it by brushing the back of the paper. And if what you want is to decorate a living room or bedroom , you need to empapeles only one of the walls (the one behind the couch, TV or headboard) to prevent the room from becoming a theater stage . This wallpaper is for sale on the website of Bruce Fine Papers.



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