Wallpapering ceilings

Generally, in magazines, blogs and websites about decorating (and Decorablog not going to be so) we usually advise our readers and navigators painting roofs white rooms. This is often done if the walls (all or some of them) are decorated with bright colors or dark, if the rooms are not very bright or if the ceilings are low. But not always appropriate to leave the roofs so: sometimes you can add aesthetic interest to a room by decorating the ceilings so that attract attention.

One option is to paint them bright colors or flashy. If we put white trim around it, we will give it a very attractive and elegant, and the heaviness aligeraremos strong tones. But another good idea is empapelarlos so that stand out from the rest of the environment.

A roof “metal”
In the first image, which I personally love, the roof has been covered with foil and embossing. It’s perfect for the entire atmosphere in the room, retro urban style and apparently dedicated to the vintage look of advertising Coca-Cola. As you can see, the walls are left white to avoid that charge too much prominence and generate a feeling cramped. If you do not find a role like this, you can papering the ceiling with a coating embossed and then painted with silver paint.

Geometric and color harmony
This second proposal is more classic, but breathes harmony and elegance on all four sides. Look how well they have coordinated colors and surfaces: A geometric wallpaper in blue, gray and white for the ceiling, walls combined with the same shades of blue and gray, and white trim. A total success. The industrial style fan with blades Transparent methacrylate brings a chic and modern touch to the room.