Walls with tempera paint

Tempera painting is still used fairly due to its low price and ease of application. One of its main advantages is that we can get different finishes. The result will depend on the consistency of the paint and how the apply.


Tip: tempera paint should not be used outdoors or indoors wet areas.
Temple: is a painting composed of earthy pigments, in powder or paste and you have to add water to get the right consistency.
Fixer: sometimes may be necessary prior to the hand of tempera paint fixative. The tempera paint used indoors or cement plaster surfaces without much wear. Do not apply in damp or condensation areas, since, being a paint porous and permeable mold can form.

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Features tempera paint It’s cheaper than plastic and paintings acquired in powder or paste to be mixed with water for use. Yes, the paint paste is better than the powder mixture and does lumps. Once you apply the paint surface is not washable , so you have to be careful with stains and scratches. In case you want to paint over it with another type of material will need to first remove the temple, as it can cause the new coating will not adhere well.

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Prepare and apply tempera paint When preparing the paint is best to mix with water in a tall container to avoid splashing. We will have to remove it with a stick or shovel to beat drill. The ratio depends on the type of application. For smooth finishes we use a roller without relief and a light cream-like consistency.


To finish embossed ‘ll use a thicker mixture and foam rollers or different ways. To gotelĂ© paste special temple will be necessary and will be applied with a gun or compressor droplets to spread batter to make the relief. You see, the tempera paint can be used to achieve different finishes on the walls of our home, with the advantage of not leading us high financial outlay.




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