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The wardrobes with mirror sliding doors became popular in the 80s, but it was a fad that stopped having followers. Now that retro returns are gaining strength again and we started to see them in home designs with style. Today’s article has 10 cabinets with mirror sliding doors so you can see different models and get an idea of ​​how it could stay in your room. What I like most of these cabinets is that the mirror is huge, we can see ourselves Length, which for me has become essential, especially when I buy new clothes or I get something from long ago.

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In addition, the sliding doors and mirror are perfect for decorating small bedrooms , because it makes them appear larger, naturally illuminated reflecting light and gives a nice sheen. In these pictures you can see that the fitted wardrobes with mirror are no longer something old, but is perfectly integrated in the decoration of modern bedroom.

Wardrobes with sliding mirror doors As wardrobes seamlessly integrate with the bedroom, and the mirror reflects what is in front, so that our room look modern or old depends solely on how we decorate ourselves. In the next picture we see a very small room where the wardrobe with sliding mirror doors is the best solution. In this case they wanted to highlight them by painting the frame red, which gives it a very contemporary look, I really like.

Wardrobe with sliding mirrored closet doors It’s funny how people tend to think that the sliding mirror doors are dated, especially seeing the photos above. Yes it is true that many of these cabinets have very classic lines with ornaments and wood carvings, but no need to generalize. Check out the two images below are without eccentricities bedrooms, but fucking classic minimalist. By this I mean that although you like the classic decoration, mirror cabinets need not look old, they can be very modern and give a stylish touch to the set. I do not think the cabinets with sliding mirror doors are only for modern bedroom. The electric field of the picture below joins seamlessly mirrored doors, thanks to frame painted white, which highlights the brightest features of the room.

Mirrored wardrobes in unexpected places Religious are cabinets with mirror in the bedroom or in the closet, but it’s also fun to put them in unexpected places, which is not normal. For example, in a hallway in front of a work of art, so that we can reflect and enjoy twice!

Mirrored wardrobe artwork reflecting If you have a kitchen with industrial style decor like the image below, a wardrobe with mirror door can be a great solution, will enhance this industrial retro touch that is becoming trend.

Wardrobes with mirrored doors in the bathroom I could not end this article without including some photos of closets with mirrored doors in the bathroom, another common place where we like them. In the bathroom look great metallic colors such as silver or gold small details (in this other article you can read more about the colors worn in 2014 ). Contemporary tiling, mirrored wardrobe doors. Everything seems to fit perfectly in this room bright and full of shine bathroom. Finally we have this combination of this mirror with blue sky in the bathroom is also very nice, more welcoming than previous still being a cool color.

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