Wave dining storage cabinet

At first glance a modern sideboard with clean lines to see many of them to be exact. In another study, it is obvious that the wave cabinet by artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz nothing like the typical store is not even sideboard, nearby. The New York artist Explains: “I invite people in one of the simplest forms Which on to see furniture design and forget did we are talking about furniture, instead of having it as a way to see a box to break.” I love the idea of ​​creating beautiful furniture; but I’m much more interested, the medium as to excuse the curiosity of the people raise and a connection with them .


It’s just amazing how the whole structure by only pulling and stretching of the accordion: such as fins manipulate, as you want. It would be really difficult, this piece too tired, it can reinvent how you at regular Intervals. The video shows how many options are possible, and I think did my favorite is the first picture, where the shaft is completely Call Call closed and twisted on one side only. This is a well proportioned and demanding credenza did would work perfectly in a modern dining room or living room environment even in its natural state or configuration.


You would have no problems to find a Particular dish in this wide range! The Chilean born, New York-based artist and designer in London raised degree in Santiago and a master in fine arts from New York University of received a draft has a great looking collection of installations and furniture designs to his credit. In 2010 he has what in the Book Fair title of the Chilean designer of the year and Numerous other credit in his Relatively short career has. See the complete works by Sebastian Errazuriz on its Web site.