What are the best box-spring beds

We have written much about the uncompromising comfort, because the issue is one of our priorities. The coziness in the bedroom is especially to the heart and that’s why we want to lose today even a few words about…

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Undeniably, the American bed and the Scandinavian style have conquered our bedroom. We hope that more and more luxury, but fewer pieces of furniture. Minimalist and comfortable – this is the motto, after which we want to establish the best bedroom. And Central in this room we would like to place a modern box-spring bed.

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“Why exactly a box-spring bed ‘ you may ask? That we have us just thinking about and come to the conclusion that a box spring bed best-suited symbolizes our motto. It is easy enough to provide a back-friendly sleep and is decorated in a sober and elegant style at the same time.

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You agree with it, then join us in the search for the best box-spring beds… What is a box-spring bed? We have answered that question in another post. And today we want to add only a few details, that’s the difference and making following beds to some of the best box-spring beds.

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The box-spring bed system consists of 3 major components, of which depends on the quality of our sleep comfort.The frame or Boxspring, still called, consists of real wood, at best, has a stable stand and stands on feet so that the air can circulate. The suspension is in the box-spring. Here barrel pocket springs or Bonellfedern are used. Both offer a uniform suspension on all parts of the bed.

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Like all beds, box spring bed has a mattress, but again having a spring in this case. The best box-spring beds have only tons of springs that give point elastic and precise support the body but in the mattress. Of course, it is also important in the spring as many springs to lie, but the mattress quality not only depends on the number of springs. Mattresses with a cold foam cover are among the best box-spring mattresses, because they quickly return to their original shape.

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And the final component is called a thin top mattress or Topper shortly, which is missing in the American version of the bed or incorporated into the mattress. The Topper but is of great importance for the comfort and therefore cannot be missed at the best box-spring beds. A Topper made of high-quality foam significantly contributes to the quality of box-spring bed.

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Already you could even recognize the best box-spring beds safely. You can find some of them with box-spring world where we were also looking for. Search conveniently from home out of your new bed. No compromise with quality and find the box-spring bed that adapts to your individual wishes and needs.

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