What color to paint each room

We have mentioned on other occasions that colors affect our emotions . Each color transmits specific sensations. This is what is known as color psychology . In addition, not all colors are suitable for all types of rooms.In any case, although we can use color psychology to create different environments in each area of the house and thus make it appear larger or smaller, more welcoming or colder, we must recognize that the selection depends, above all, of personal tastes. But if you want to take advantage of some tricks like the pros use , here are some tips:


The Lounge

SmartHome Painting-Ideas-for-Living-Room-With-Grey-Colour What color to paint Lounge

The wishes and expectations of each for this room are very different but what we generally look all is to create a cozy atmosphere, warm and quiet, for which we have a fantastic resource with earth tones. Combined with green in all its shades, success is assured.


Dining room

charm-natural-dining-room-paint-color Dining-Room-Paint-Colors-With-Ornament-Hanging-Lamp Dining-Room-Paint-Colors-With-Painting-Wall

This room should also be comfortable, although its dynamic nature, we can go for a suggestive atmosphere and the best way is to forget about the cold winter colors and instead, choose spring or autumn tones, for example, yellow and all its nuances. We can also integrate stimulating colors like red or orange colored work as appetizer:-)


Natural bedroom colors Pick-Paint-Colors-Bedroom-With-Carpet-Flooring Simple-Modern-Bedroom-Paint-Ideas

This room is where most often matter decoration is applied according to the taste of each. But within the range of possibilities, are ideal tranquil blue tones, which can be granted, more warmth with a slightly red, or roasted tones like red and brown, which can be clarified to get a nice tone apricot .


comfortable-study-room-design-ideas-for-children experimenting-with-the-best-green-paint-colors-study-room study-room-design-ideas

Through the cold winter colors, for example, white in all its shades, and black accents, blue or green, you can create a neutral and practical work. The blue color counters stress, which stimulates concentration. On the other hand, you should not be too formal space, so you can encourage creativity with summer colors. And you can use chalkboard paint in any area you see in the picture below.

Children’s room

Kids-Bedroom-With-Green-Big-Cabinets-White-Combined-Green-And-Yellow-Furniture-Also-Beige-Color-For-Bed-And-Rugs pink-design-children-room-with-flower-wall-painting sample-kids-bedroom-interior-design-ideas-kids-bedroom-interior

The children’s preferences in regards color, change quickly if circumstances require it. In general, children prefer reds, blues and lilacs and do not like too neither black nor white, so you should arrange it with them and try not to put any restrictions. We leave you three ideas that is sure to love.


Hallway and stairwell

Decorating-hall-stairs small foyer-stairs-landing-walls-hall-painted-murals-traditional-decor transitional-hall

These areas must demonstrate a tantalizing impression. As you will not be too long in them, the colors may be more intense, such as red and yellow.And with some visual tricks can positively influence the complicated rooms and architectural imperfections:

The lower rooms

Dining-Room-Decorating-Ideas-Brown-Tile-FLoor-Grey Paint-Ideas-for-Small-Living-Rooms-With-Hardwood-Floors Room-with-Cream-Color-And-Wood-Floor-Paint

They may look higher if the ceiling is painted bright, or similarly, if there are drawings stripes along the walls.


The rooms high

Beautiful-Wall-Stencing-for-Bedroom-Ceiling-Design Fantastic-Ceiling-Bedroom-Murals-Ideas Photo-10-Very-Relaxing-Paint-For-Dining-Room-Walls-And-Ceiling-With-Transition-Of-Wall-Accent-Color shelving-units-for-orange-paint-color-living-room-with-modern-ceiling-design-idea

They seem lower if the roof is fully satin and darker than the walls, and painted or have borders, ie are edged with large pieces formed with molds.

The small rooms appear larger if they are painted in bright colors and small drawings. Similarly, the cool tones like blue and green produce a widening effect resembling a slight silky sheen.

The rooms long can be shortened if you paint the walls visually bottom with dark and warm colors.

For irregular walls rather should choose dark colors where the flaws stand out more clear wall, using strong shadows.

In conclusion it is important that you consider that the same color combinations as well as the union of the different gradations of brightness of a color produces a harmonious and soothing, like the combination with the same brightness and intensity of the various colors of a color family or season.