What Colors to Use to Paint Difficult Spaces ?

Certain areas of the home are complicated in its decoration and painting. Let’s see what shades and colors used in these cases.

Colors to Use to Paint Difficult Spaces

How to paint difficult spaces
There comes a point where we feel the need to renovate our home, modifying and adapting the overall decor. But the budget and try dificultarnos short task times, and ended up giving a good coat of paint here and there to meet, or as close as possible to the target.

Tips for painting complicated space
And in our efforts, we find difficult to renovate spaces with paint. They are special places where decoration becomes difficult, either because of their location, size or by our desire projected, these spaces are being relegated to the end of the work.

If it is very long rooms or spaces, like hallways or rooms like “sausage”, we can draw a painting with vivid colors to the sides either to provoke the feeling of shortness of space. We can choose earth tones (brown, Bordeaux) off. Do not forget to put some furniture plants and high-average height.

The rooms and crawl spaces require more fresh and vivid colors, although not vibrant pastel colors. Here we include greens and heavenly, and we can apply on the longer walls of the room, to give the illusion of greater width. The decor is very important: we can put pictures hanging on the walls and shorter sizes always rather small. Furniture should be arranged in diagonal forms or free (non-linear), to give an impression of spaciousness.

The ceiling height is also a factor to consider. If it is too low, we paint with light, fresh colors, including white and also gray, accompanying with vertical decorative elements of great height or length (as curtains or tapestries), or a paint job on the walls vertical stripes. If, however, the ceiling is very high, we can use darker colors and intense, perhaps in deep earth tones, and accompany with moldings in the same tone or range.

The oversized rooms should be painted in dark colors, drawing at this station browns, Bordeaux, and other intense gold, while small rooms favor light colors, like white, the cream, and pastel shades (including yellow, light red, pink, green, etc.).