What is the best paint color for your home?

Choosing the best color for your walls can be a difficult task. Or have an idea of ​​how you want your walls look, once you get to the paint store, so many brands, finishes and tones will find that you may not know where to start. With so many paint samples, how can you know which is best with your decor vera? Follow these tips to help make finding the perfect shade easier.

paint color ideas basement family room

If you have no idea what color will look better in your home, choose the color of an accessory, box, cushion or curtain that you like and either part of your decor. If you choose a color, which is already present in your home, you can be sure that combined with the other tones that are part of your style. I recommend you choose a color you’re not using a large amount to create a contrast. If you prefer a safer option, neutral colors such as white, beige or brown, combined with almost any decor.


The tone paint look different depending on the lighting. In natural light is when you can appreciate more the actual color, but in incandescent light painting will look more yellow and warm, while fluorescent light will look a little cold and bluish. Many paint stores have different lamps with bulbs where you can try and paint samples will be with different types of lighting. Be sure to try your favorite colors in these lamps before buying.


The colors in decorating can cause different effects on feelings, this is called color psychology . The vibrant and striking colors give energy, while cold and dark, relaxing. Blue and green are calming colors and a good choice for bedrooms and bathrooms. The red and orange colors are sociable, use them in the living and dining rooms. Pink and violet are romantic, creative. As different tones make you feel much will depend on your personality, so keep this in mind before deciding on a specific color.


Once you have two to four colors in mind, buy the least amount of paint you can on each. In most stores will need to buy a liter, but some offer special sample containers with less. Once you have all the options, paint a small wall space with each color next to each other. Then study well as every color looks. How it affects you affects light? How it looks at different times of the day? How to go with your decor? After a few days of them either choose which is your favorite.

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If you still do not feel very secure with your selection, paint a small part of your home, such as the hallway, bathroom, entry or only one of the walls of the room you want to paint. By doing this not only feel satisfaction of seeing a finished space, but you can also be sure that the tone you used is your favorite. Remember that the colors should flow in your home, so you can use the same tone in different rooms of your house without problem.

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The finished is another feature to keep in mind. The paintings have different glosses. A too bright luster will make your painting look totally different, and a dull, dull. The safest option is to choose a satin or semi-gloss sheen. If you prefer a special finished, you can find different textures to give more creativity to your walls.


Finally, do not be afraid to try a different color. Do not be content only with neutral light, vibrant color can make your home is full of energy and feel warmer. If you’re used to it these tones, then it may be time to try a neutral. The painting walls is one of the easiest, cheapest and fast remodeling, so do not hesitate to leave your bubble and pick a color you’ve never seen.




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